Make your AI model
2-10x cheaper, faster, smaller & greener.

With Pruna you can optimize and compress all your AI models locally in one line of code. It's easy, reliable and safe.

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AI image generation
400% faster with Pruna AI
270+ publications

One line of code to smash Generative AI locally

Request any text-to-image model to be smashed and get huge boosts like we did for the Stable Diffusion 2.1 model below. Or do it with any other AI model or task.

400% faster generations

Delight your users with a more responsive app and get more done from your hardware runtime

70% lower memory needs

Run your model from a much smaller and cheaper hardware, or do load balancing to parallel process requests 3x faster

1200% more cost-effective

Without changing hardware, you can combine the speed multiplier and load balancing to get 12x more runs in the same amount of time

60% less carbon emissions

Reduce your impact on the planet while improving your user experience and your bottomline. An easy step towards a more sustainable future

Photo of Prof. Stephan Gunnemann

"As billions are invested in AI development, it is imperative to maximize the efficiency and impact of these resources. Through innovative model optimization techniques, we pave the way for a future where AI is accessible and sustainable."

Prof. Dr. Stephan Günnemann
Pruna AI Cofounder & VP Strategic Partnerships
Head of the Data Analytics & Machine Learning Lab, TU Munich

Frequently Asked Questions.

How big would the improvements be on my model?

The scale of enhancements in terms of cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, storage reduction, and carbon emissions offset varies across AI models. However, based on our past performance, we've achieved improvements ranging from 30% to 500% for all AI models that we've 'smashed'.

How much does it cost?

You can preview the money, time, storage, and carbon emissions improvements of your AI models for free. Pricing for full access to your 'smashed' AI models is considered on a case-by-case basis to ensure it's aligned with your needs and budget.

How do you smash AI models?

Our approach integrates a suite of cutting-edge AI model compression techniques. These methods are the culmination of years of intensive research and numerous presentations at renowned AI conferences, including NeurIPS, ICML, and ICLR.

What do you need to smash my AI model?

All we require is your AI model and specifications about your intended hardware. We do not require any information on the data that was used to train the model.

Are there any risks?

We aim to maintain the predictive performance of all 'smashed' AI models, ensuring they're as accurate as their original versions. However, we must clarify that while the practical results have consistently met our goals, we cannot provide a theoretical guarantee of exact match in predictions with the original model.

Delight your users & build the future

Get in touch to tell us about your use-cases and learn more about how we can help you. Or sign up today to request any model to be smashed, get the evaluations on all metrics and decide what you want to do.